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Chef Kay at a young age enjoyed watching and helping her Mom cook authentic Afghan foods without realizing those early moments in life were her  first lessons to what would one day become her passion. As a young adult she was drawn to summer jobs and positions in the kitchen of restaurants and her love for food kept growing. Chef Kay worked at all levels in several restaurants and was truly inspired by seeing the pleasure and smiles a good meal with great service brought to people’s faces.

Chef Kay decided to enroll into culinary school to further sharpen her skills as a Chef and to learn from some of the best the industry had to offer and graduated from the International Culinary Center (ICC) in NYC. Her ethnic background and creativity helped her develop and prepare interesting innovative recipes that lead to Le Souk’s fusion style menu to satisfy all desires. Chef Kay and our devoted team look forward to providing our guests with a remarkable experience by serving you unique and high quality foods.

At Le Souk we pride ourselves in quality products and exceptional service. We are committed to providing you a service experience unmatched anywhere else. Nested in a Mediterranean inspired deĢcor, Le souk will make you feel as if you are sitting in an oasis from distant lands.

At Le Souk we offer you nothing but the best in hookahs. Wrapped in hundreds of years of tradition and culture, our hookahs offer traditional designs, durability and impeccable craftsmanship. For those of you who like it over the top, we have one of a kind designer hookahs available only to our VIP guests at our LEVEL UP. At Le Souk we are committed to bringing you a truly unique experience.

All our hookahs are served with 100 percent natural coal made entirely of coconut shells giving you a truly clean, unaltered tasting hookah. You will be pleased to know that no coconut trees where cut or harmed in the process. Hygiene is very important to us thus every Hookah we serve comes with a brand new one time use disposable hose. If you would like a conventional hose and a disposable mouth piece you may request one, just inform your server.

Other then the Level Up, We allow 2-3 people per Hookah (do ask server for details). For your safety and of others around you please do not move the Hookah or touch the coal, ask your server for assistance and we will gladly assist. If anyone in your party has any food allergies, please notify your server immediately. We are a 21 plus establishment thus requiring you to have an Id at all times. Please know that our servers and hookah crew work really hard in putting a great product together and look forward to giving you a truly one of a kind experience at Le Souk Hookah Lounge.